Kate’s Ice Cream

Back in February — just before the pandemic closed down life, and long before ice-cream season — we had the great fortune of discovering Kate’s Ice Cream while visiting Oregon Bark in Portland … Kate’s kitchen is a couple doors down from Oregon Bark (this area is a hub of vegan goodness!). Kate invited us … Read more

Oatly Chocolate Ice Cream

We were so thrilled to have found such a wonderful plant milk in Oatly, you can only imagine our joy at finding this Oatly ice cream (aka “frozen dessert”). This vegan ice cream is oat-based, of course, and includes coconut oil, which accounts for its amazingly smooth, creamy texture. Like Oatly plant milk, it’s just … Read more

Steve’s Dairy Free Ice cream

It was lovely (even in this chilly weather) to find several dairy-free flavors of Steve’s ice cream in our local grocery’s freezer. We sampled Chocolate Salty Caramel, Moroccan Mash Up, and Cold-Brewed Cinnamon Coffee. All are coconut based, and all are delicious. The Chocolate Salty Caramel is creamy and lovely, with swirls of rich caramel … Read more