Parmela Pepperjack Slices

When in a Whole Foods recently, we seized upon the opportunity to try these pepperjack slices from Parmela Creamery. They are not quite as good as the flavored CHAO slices (such as tomato cayenne); they are not very spicy, and they have a chalky taste. However, they do melt very well (as seen below on … Read more

Parmela Aged Cheddar Shreds & Mozzarella

With a local grocer stocking these new cheeses from Parmela, a pizza party was clearly in order. First, a few words about Parmela Creamery’s aged nut cheese — these cheddar shreds were delicious to eat out of the bag (which is not even close to true of most vegan shreds, most of which are waxy … Read more

Parmela Creamy Treenut Original

We finally found Parmela cheeses locally, which is a beautiful thing. (We tasted Parmela’s creamy black pepper a while back, which we’d found in another state.) This creamy treenut original is simple but has a nice light, fresh flavor. While it’s not as flavorful as other spreadable cheeses, it’s really lovely and would be especially … Read more

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