Why Vegan?

For those of you who may ask, “Why vegan?” — well, let us count the ways!

There are so many wonderful reasons to be vegan, from animal protection to saving the environment to enjoying better personal health. Best of all, the dining is beyond delicious, from whole foods to faux cheeses. The following links will offer some insights into why we have chosen to be vegan, and we hope they inspire you as well.

We all love Sanctuary One, a care farm in Jacksonville, Oregon, that offers permanent homes to rescued animals, from horses and llamas to cats and dogs. Seeing cows, pigs, ducks, goats, and other farm animals living happy lives in a natural environment makes it impossible to consider eating them.

Free from Harm offers these 12 reasons to go vegan.

Vegan Outreach has a wonderful graphic that outlines fantastic reasons for going vegan.

The stories at Farm Sanctuary will show you the way farm animals are meant to live — freely.

If you want to know more about where your food comes from, visit Mercy for Animals.

Many people believe that the dairy industry isn’t cruel because the cows aren’t killed for meat — however, visit these pages at PETA  and Free from Harm to learn why this is a myth.

If you’re ready to try going vegan, check out the resources at FARM, Veganuary, and Meatless Monday for tips, recipes, and much more.

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