Lightlife Smart Bacon

In our continuing quest to find the best vegan bacon, we’ve come across one that is our current favorite: Lightlife Smart Bacon. This faux bacon gets crispier than any of the other versions (if you stop just short of burning the slices), and they also have a good bacon-like flavor (though Be Leaf is definitely … Read more

Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon

Now that have discovered the Just Egg folded eggs in our local grocer’s freezer, we are eating egg sandwiches daily, and always looking for a new faux meat produce to add. While we enjoyed Be Leaf Vegan Bacon, we are still on a quest for a more perfect version. We saw Sweet Earth’s Benevolent Bacon … Read more

Be Leaf Vegan Bacon

Be Leaf vegan bacon is made from soy and wheat protein, and when we saw it next to the Just Egg folds in the freezer we had to try it on our next breakfast sandwich. We haven’t had much experience with vegan bacon, but we were hopeful as this product smells just like what we … Read more