Lenny & Larry’s Cookies

We are always up for vegan cookies, and it was fun to find Lenny & Larry’s in chocolate chip as well as double chocolate. These “cookies” are not so much cookies as nutritional bars; per serving, they have 8 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and of course, being vegan, they’re cholesterol free! Yet … Read more

Alpha Mac ‘N Cheeze

We were happy to find this Mac ’N Cheeze (in Creamy Chedd’r) from Alpha Foods (which makes the best chik’n patties ever). And who doesn’t love vegan mac and cheese? Even better, this refrigerated meal heats up in the microwave in only four minutes (yes, we’re that lazy). We found the “cheeze” to be lovely … Read more

Plant Ahead Cheese Wedges

We were delighted to find these wheels of Plant Ahead cheese wedges, a reminder of school lunches and other snack-friendly times. These are indeed wonderfully portable cheese snacks, ready to enjoy straight from their little foil packages, to pack up for a picnic, or to spread onto crackers or fresh bread. The wedges are thick … Read more